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About Posting

All registered band members can create their own posts.  You’re encouraged to post things of interest to other band or audience members. Be social.  Leave comments! People write to be read. If you come and read and leave no trace that you’ve done so, that’s not very social. At least click the Like button (oops, guess I need to add that back on). Click the Share or email. This is the water cooler we don’t have in the rehearsal room. If certain topics become popular, we can segregate the conversations out.

How to Post

You have to be a registered band member. If you aren’t registered, go to the Register page.

  1. Go to Musicians > Login and enter your credentials. Forgot your password? There’s a small Forgot your password? link to get a new one.
  2. On the top line of the Dashboard, click +New.
  3. Enter a title and body text.
  4. Click Submit for Review. It could be a few minutes, or a bit longer before a moderator approves your post. Patience.
  5. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Most band members have the Contributor role.

Posting Rules

Let’s try to keep it music related, or closely related to music or the band.

The post will automatically be tweeted on  Twitter @WalnutCreekBand and soon onto the Facebook site simultaneously.



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